Yes, girl

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Alexander McQueen


Alexander McQueen


Happy 42nd Birthday to Jen!

Jennifer Anne Affleck (née Garner) was born on April 17th, 1972



Back to the far back of the yard, on the edge of the tree line, there was the shed. I opened the door. Nonononono.

Prosecution and defense witnesses from the People vs Conrad Murray

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Neverland ~ Inside the rooms which housed hospital beds for ill children who visited Neverland to be able to watch screenings of movies. 

"We have children that come who are fed intravenously…they are very sick, bedridden. They can’t sit up and these beds, they are hospital beds, you push a button, you go up or you go down and they are able to watch. We have a magic show, we show the current films, there’s cartoons, anything so that they can escape to that world of magic that they don’t have a chance to experience, the world I was deprived of when I was little."  Michael Jackson

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I think about my daughter now; you know what? She was spared. Sometimes I feel grateful. Doctors said she didn’t feel a thing, went… went straight into a coma. And then, somewhere in that blackness, she slipped off into another, deeper kind. Isn’t that a beautiful way to go out? Painlessly. As a happy child. 

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Gone Girl (2014) -

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